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Happy Intersex Awareness Day 2022

Oii USA wants to wish you a Happy Intersex Awareness Day for 2022.

We are back into existence because we saw a need to put the intersex community, in the United States, in one place. Please explore and visit our educational bridge-building pages:

The United Nations Intersex Fact Sheet

Intersex Educational Resrouces

Intersex Organizations in the USA

Intersex Documentaries, Videos & Influencers

Intersex Books, Poetry & Authors

Intersex Blogs

Intersex Artists & Musicians

Suicide Prevention and Support Groups

Intersex TEDx Talks

Oii USA is currently looking for regional Intersex Liaisons as a local contact person for people who reach out to us for more support. Your job will simply be to guide them to resources here on this site, as well as local resources that you may know of.  If you are interested, please visit this page and submit your inquiry here: Intersex Regional Liaisons.

Here you can read more about why Oii USA supports everyone in the Intersex Community: The Founder of Oii & Announcement of Leadership.

Thank you for visiting Oii USA!