The Founder of Oii & Announcement of Leadership

Curtis E. Hinkle

The Founder of Oii

Oii, Organization Intersex International, was founded by Curtis E. Hinkle in 2003. Curtis was trained as a linguist in France and is fluent in several European languages. He felt that he should use this talent to help bring together intersex people from around the globe. Curtis felt that he could reach a critical mass of well-informed intersex activists by working together within many different countries. The idea worked well, and after he retired from the organization, talented intersex individuals from around the world have brought about many important changes on behalf of the intersex community. What started as a small idea from Curtis’ apartment in South Carolina has grown into a worldwide community that continues the legacy that he left to the intersex community.

Announcement of Oii USA’s Leadership:

In the spirit of OII’s original intentions, it is critically important that the United States Intersex people work together, and on this site, you will find everyone together. If you did not see something that you feel needs to be added, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Oii USA is currently being run by volunteers: Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez (Website Designer, Educator & Social Media), Anya Kylie (Intersex, Transgender, & Non-Binary Advocate), Linda Hawks (Graphic Designer), Sara Adams (Intersex & Transgender Advocate), Unari Silver Nicholson (Unifier, Social Media, & Artist), and Donovan Ackley III, Ph.D. (Intersex, & Queer Advocate).

Oii USA has a non-hierarchal leadership. We promise to be accountable for sharing this website’s space with everyone in the intersex community in the United States of America so that we can all arrive together and in one place.

“When you have met one intersex person, you have met one intersex person. Together we are stronger!” Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez.



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